Qualtrics Research Suite – online survey resource

The campus is pleased to announce the availability of campus-wide access to the Qualtrics Research Suite for producing and conducting online surveys. Qualtrics is one of the leading online survey resources available and is used by many major research universities and large corporations. This service is open to all faculty, students, and staff for unlimited use. All you need to gain access is an active campus UUID and password (same credentials as you use to log into other campus resources). You can access the service in one of two ways:

· Direct URL: http://survey.memphis.edu
· Via the campus portal (my.memphis) on the ‘eCampus Resources’ tab

Additional information on Qualtrics:

· ALC website: https://umdrive.memphis.edu/g-alc/alc_website_public/qualtrics_info_page.pdf · Qualtrics website: http://www.qualtrics.com/

We hope you find this new service to be of great value to your research and teaching activities.

S. J. (Sandy) Schaeffer
Director, Advanced Learning Center

Andy Meyers
Vice Provost of Research


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Trey Martindale


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