Educational Research Comps Oct. 19




DATE: 8/28/2013

Comprehensive exams will be administered Saturday, October 19, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m., in Ball Hall 316 for students who should be tested on EDPR 7521 Introduction to Educational Research, EDPR 7/8541 Statistical Methods Applied to Education I, EDPR 7/8542 Statistical Methods Applied to Education II, or EDPR 7/8561 Qualitative Methods in Education. If you have advisees who need to be tested in any of these areas, please complete the attached form (one for each student to be tested) indicating which courses you want covered on their exam and from whom they took each course to be tested. Check ONLY those courses you want covered on the exam for your student. It is the advisors’ responsibility to inform their students of the date and time of the exam, to submit the attached form, and to provide the students with sample questions. Students should also be informed that they are not allowed to use books and notes. Only students for whom a faculty member has requested a comprehensive exam will be administered one.

Return the form by Tuesday, October 1, to Ball Hall 100.

Each department has copies of sample questions for each of the courses to be tested. Students should use the sample questions to study for the examination. The exam questions will be similar to the sample questions. The faculty member from whom the student took the course (unless that faculty member is no longer with the university) will evaluate their responses to the exam questions and you will be informed of the outcome of the exam.

Douglas C. Strohmer, Ph.D. CRC, APA Fellow
Professor and Chair – Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology & Research Editor – Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin
100 Ball Hall
University of Memphis
Memphis, TN 38152
901-678-2841 – office
901-678-5114 – fax
985-956-2121 – cell
Intro Ed Research Sample Questions.pdf
Qualitative Sample Questions.pdf
Stat1 Sample Questions.pdf
Stat2 Sample Questions.pdf
Berbary Intro Review.pdf
Berbary Intro Review.pdf
Study Guide Berbary EDPR 78561.docx
EDPR Comp Exam Request.pdf


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Trey Martindale

One thought on “Educational Research Comps Oct. 19”

  1. Thanks Dr. Martindale. I took 8541 and 8542 from Ishitani and Xu, respectively. I will put this on my calendar. Anything else I need to do to prepare?

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