Apply for COE scholarships

The COE has multiple scholarship opportunities available for students – some that pay full tuition. Applications are still be accepted for some even though the deadline has passed. Check with Katherine Goliver (Cc’d) for more information.

Full details of the scholarships are found at

All College of Education Majors

Alpha Delta Kappa
Sam Boswell
Dean’s Scholarship
George W. Etheridge Alumni
George T. and Betty Johnson Graduate
Becky and Martin Zummach
All Teacher Licensure Programs

Eunice B. Ordman
Elizabeth and Harold Robinson
Early Childhood

Ernest C. Ball
Ellen Davies-Rodgers
George W. Etheridge
Eunice B. Ordman
Raines Family
Elementary Education

Sara P. Eaton
Willie Sue Jones
Eunice B. Ordman
Special Education

Kiwanis Club of East Memphis
Harold W. Perry
Student Teachers

Beverly Hope Presley
Turetzky Family


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